Consumers are paying close attention to their health, and are increasingly conscious about the environmental impact of their purchase choices. ‘Good for me, good for the planet’ has emerged as a key trend. To help our customers meet consumers demand, Tereos proposes a wide range of stevia extracts suitable for many applications without reducing the taste experience.

A natural sweetener

The sweetening properties of Stevia Rebaudiana are due to its high content of steviol glycosides, present in its leaf. This natural calorie-free sweetener is widely  used in beverages, sports nutrition, confectionary, dairy food etc.

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Our offering

For manufacturers, the race is on to formulate affordable products that taste good, contain clean label ingredients and deliver nutritional benefits. In a crowded and increasingly informed marketplace, products that boost sustainable ingredients offering health benefits will stand out.

Tereos new portfolio of stevia solutions provide tangible benefits in taste and affordability​. It also benefits from end-to-end integration and traceability from farm to product​.

Tableau Stevia


A complete (re)formulation expertise

You want to learn more about our offer? Discover our prototypes during a meeting with our team, this will give you an overview of what is reachable with what kind of ingredients in sugar reduced products. Contact us at:


Per year of new products containing stevia between 2016 and 2020 (source: Innova Market Insights)


After sugar, stevia is the best-known sweetening ingredient, and it benefits from a positive image and a perception of naturalness (source: 2021 IFOP European consumer survey (commissioned by Tereos)