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The economic, social and cultural behaviors we associate with food are changing dramatically. It all adds up: the population of the world is increasing rapidly, and in developed countries, people are living longer, moving into the cities and have increasingly high standards of living.

Our shared goal- that food should be safe, high quality and traceable-is becoming more and more important. The agricultural products processing industry is transforming rapidly, while modern energy requirements call for new ways of producing and consuming power.

The agri-food industry, meanwhile, has to meet a wide range of expectations: some consumers prioritize food quality and “healthy eating”, while others want access to a variety of affordable food to ensure a balanced diet.

Our ability to innovate today to meet the expectations of our customers tomorrow enables us to respond to the specific nutritional needs of each sector of the population and to satisfy rapidly changing dietary habits and practices.

Ensuring that our products meet these demands and striving for excellence through the continual improvement of our standards and product quality lie at the heart of our R&D strategy.

At Tereos, we believe that innovation is born out of collaboration. This is why we are involved in a number of projects that bring together key players from the industry’s public and private sectors.For pre-competitive research projects, Tereos favors a partnership approach, in which the Group focuses on the transfer and industrialization stage.

R&D, a key component in Tereos’ development

Our aims

To produce new product characteristics from our range of starches, proteins and sweeteners.
To develop new specialty products to address global nutritional demands and health concerns in emerging and developed countries.
To capitalize on our strengths in agricultural production and raw materials processing to develop new products and create new value chains in the bio-fuels and plant chemistry sectors.
ongoing projects
R&D centers
5000 m²
dedicated to R&D
strategic priorities
of the R&D budget dedicated to nutrition