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For the last 20 years, we have been expanding in France, Europe and worldwide in order to fulfill our mission to create new agricultural outlets and add lasting value to the products grown by our 12,000 cooperative partners. Our governance is based upon strong links between our cooperative partners’ elected representatives and our management. The group’s success lies in our governance principles.

The clear allocation of roles between the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board provides a successful and balanced structure, which ensures that the interests of our cooperative partners are always taken into account, while guaranteeing operational efficiency.

Tereos means

Synergy based upon dialogue and clear allocation of responsibility

Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer and approves the strategy and major financial decisions proposed by the Executive Board. As such, it sets the price of sugar beet and the amount of net income to be distributed.
Executive Board
The Executive Board proposes to the Supervisory Board the policies that it considers necessary in the best interests of both the company and its cooperative partners. It then ensures they are implemented operationally.
A single cooperative
In March 2018, the 12 cooperatives that constituted Tereos merged to give rise to a single cooperative, Tereos SCA. This new organisation is the culmination of a process of harmonisation carried out which will ensure that all cooperative growers, no matter what their original cooperative, enjoy the same conditions, particularly with regard to prices, operational regulationsand the payment of dividends and indemnities, so enabling them to create long-term value from their production. Tereos’ new cooperative organisation will be based on the constitution of four specialised committees and six regions corresponding to the principal areas of production and the locations of processing plants in order to take account of each territory’s specific issues (Great East, North, North Coast, Picardie East, Picardie West, South).
Regional assemblies
Each regional assembly brings together all the cooperative growers of each region. Decisions, mainly the election of representatives are taken according to cooperative principles, on the basis of ‘one man, one vote’. Regional assemblies are opportunities to present all the cooperative growers with information on Tereos’ business, financial results and projects. The election of regional councillors takes place at these assemblies. They represent the region’s cooperative growers at the plenary general assembly of Tereos. Regional assemblies are held in the spring, after the accounts are closed and before the Group General Meeting.
Regional concils
Each regional council consists of representatives elected at the regional assemblies and one-third of mandates are renewed each year. The regional council's role is to nurture and develop the region-wide relationship with cooperative growers. It takes accounts of specific regional factors and makes proposals to the Supervisory Board. The regional council elects a chairman, who calls five meetings of the council per year.
Tereos’ new cooperative organisation will be based on the constitution of four committees which will carry out in-depth work on issues specific to each type of crop and each market sector: Sugar Beet, Potatoes, Animal Feed (alfalfa and sugar beet pulp) and Public Affairs.

The life of the cooperative

June 2017
Induction of new cooperative growers
Newcomers are welcomed to interact with the administrators and Tereos teams on the agricultural organization and more broadly on the group's activities. Agronomic training is also on the agenda for this day to share good farming practices.
June 2018
4th edition of the Innovation Hub
Tereos has been organizing its innovation hub for 4 years now. A day of conferences, workshops and exchanges dedicated to agronomic innovation.
June 2018
New edition at Terre en Fête for Tereos !
8th, 9th and 10th of June 2018, Tereos has participated to this 13th edition of agriculture exhibition in the Haut-de-France region. Agronomic news, cooperative life and discovering of the last product from Béghin Say range was on the program. An edition that reunited a lot of people in a nice atmosphere.
August 2018
Presence of Tereos at the « Foire de Chalon »
New edition for Tereos at the « Foire de Chalon ». From 31st of August to 3rd of September, our teams are reunited on our dedicated booth. We welcome our cooperators and publics during three days of discovering and talks in a warm atmosphere.