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Human resources

Ensuring safety at work for all staff, developing employees’ skills, recruitment, creating a group culture and maintaining good employee relations are all key principles of Tereos’ HR policy.


Tereos is committed to ensuring a high level of safety for its employees. Our progress in this regard is down to the use of methods that are based on risk and accident analysis, and the implementation of concrete action plans. This means getting all our employees involved and encouraging them to participate in the health and safety committees set up in each of our facilities. 

Every one of our sites worldwide has at least one health and safety coordinator, and employee awareness campaigns are organized both in France and abroad. These programs include “Risco Zero” in Brazil and “Safety and Me” in Europe.


Employee development is another fundamental principle of the Group. That is why Tereos offers its employees the opportunity to develop their skills at every stage of their career. In France, for instance, more than 4% of the total payroll costs is invested in training, to provide Tereos employees with opportunities for self-development. Across all grades, Tereos staff benefit from an average of 25 hours of training per year. 


Tereos’ organizational structure aims to promote a shared culture. Internal mobility is key to ensuring that this culture is spread quickly, and to encouraging the cross-fertilization of experience and the improvement of skills.
The sheer size of Tereos, the wide range of business areas and professions in which it operates, as well as the number of facilities it manages, all provide a wealth of opportunity for mobility, whether geographical, functional or between business units. 
Although the raw materials we process in our sites may differ, there are many similar professions, for example in the technical or support functions, which can benefit from the arrival of employees from other countries or other business sectors. 
Every employee needs a tailored training program to help them integrate into their new position; therefore, mobility also benefits employees by accelerating their career development.


The quality of employee relations at all its sites is vitally important to Tereos. Employees in each country are represented at annual salary negotiations that take place between their representatives and the management team. Tereos France has set up a job functions and employment monitoring body, which aims to forecast changes in functions and to monitor compliance with the jobs and skills forecasting and management (GPEC) agreement. 
Another agreement applies to the recruitment of employees over 50 years of age and makes provision for the working conditions of senior citizens. Overall, Tereos turnover rates are particularly low and our teams are characterized by very high levels of stability.