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A cooperative sugar group, Tereos processes agricultural raw materials into sugar, alcohol and starch.

12 April 2019
10 things you didn’t know about potato starch

Every year, Tereos processes and extracts the starch from an average of 500,000 tons of potatoes.

  1. Potato starch is the general name for the starch extracted from tubers and roots like potatoes or cassavas.
  2. Five tons of potatoes are required to produce one ton of starch.
  3. Potato starch has many culinary uses: besides its nutritional and energy values, it is used to bind, thicken, texturize, stabilize, and gel food... all without affecting the taste!
  4. Potato starch is naturally gluten-free and helps regulate blood sugar levels.
  5. It can be found, for example, in snack food to provide more crispiness, in sauces to provide more creaminess, and it gives elasticity and transparency to noodles in Asia!
  6. It is also used in the paper industry as a whitener, in cosmetics, biodegradable plastic bags, and in the perfumes and aromas that go into our daily products.
  7. Over twenty years, Tereos has become the third biggest player in the European starch market and one of the largest processors of cereals and starch potatoes in France.
  8.  Tereos’ potato starch is produced at Haussimont in Marne, France. Since taking over this potato starch mill in 2014, Tereos has invested €25 million to adapt its industrial tools.
  9. At Haussimont, a campaign lasts an average of 200 days and involves 550 cooperative growers.
  10. Tereos promotes a circular economy: in addition to potato starch production, the potato also produces pulp for animal nutrition and a natural fertilizer called “protamylase”. In addition, the water recovered during the processing operation is then reused to spray the fields.


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