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A cooperative sugar group, Tereos processes agricultural raw materials into sugar, alcohol and starch.

19 February 2019
Coca-Cola made in France

Coca-Cola and Tereos are working together to take advantage of local production and short food-supply chains. Over 90% of Coca-Coca bottles consumed in France are produced in French plants and follow a short food-supply chain.

The story begins in the Hauts-de-France fields. The Tereos sugar used in the bottles comes from sugar beet fields cultivated by French growers. The fields are only 34km away from the Tereos sugar factory in Bethune, where the sugar is extracted. This is the first step in the short food-supply chain.

The Tereos sugar is then transported less than an hour’s drive away to the Coca-Cola plant in Dunkirk to be bottled locally.  In concrete terms, this is the definition of a short food-supply chain: local production by growers and employees in the heart of our regions, less transport, meaning fewer CO2 emissions, and products closer to our consumers.

Find out more about this “made in France” short food-supply chain with visuals

The Tereos model relies on proximity relations with the agricultural world, whether we’re talking about their 12,000 cooperative growers or their raw materials providers. Today, customers want to know where the food products they consume come from, how they are made, and they value local products more and more.

Coca-Cola European Partners is a company that has long been committed to Made in France production, as it’s both a sign of quality and also of responsibility. 5 plants are strategically located across France, in order to better serve the different consumption areas. 

This shared commitment to local production is the reason for the lasting partnership between Coca-Cola and Tereos. 


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