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A cooperative sugar group, Tereos processes agricultural raw materials into sugar, alcohol and starch.

05 November 2018
The commitment of everyone for World Food Day 2018 !

Tereos teams throughout the world sprang into action on WFD – A day placed under the banner of a balanced diet!


Tereos’ objective is to provide the best in raw materials to ensure high quality food at a global level. Again this year, Tereos responded with its presence at World Food Day, instituted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The UN’s objective: #ZeroHunger by 2030!

Through its mission and long-term involvement, Tereos plays a major role in feeding the global population, both now and in the future. With the strength of its experience, the Group offers solutions to anticipate future nutritional needs and the new expectations of consumers.

Tereos also signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2017 and actively contributes to seven of the Sustainable Development Goals. This includes Goal 2: Zero Hunger. This goal is based on food safety, improved nutrition, and the promotion of sustainable agriculture: subjects that are fully incorporated within the Group’s sustainable development strategy.

“Eat well, live well”

For its food day, this year Tereos chose to highlight the objectives that correspond to its ambitions as a major agro-food player: safe, healthy, and nutritional food, illustrated by the slogan, “Eat well, live well”. With its extensive product portfolio, of 100% plant origin, Tereos can provide 2/3 of daily energy consumption needs in the form of plant-based carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins.

For three years, Tereos has been particularly involved in the World Food Day with its teams. It is a special day of events and the perfect day to raise maximum awareness among our employees, partners, and stakeholders”, said Baptiste Rougier, who is in charge of this operation within Internal Communication at Group level.

Overview of actions carried out at Tereos

For this special day, Claire Morenvillez, Public Affairs Manager at Tereos, put on educational breakfasts on the theme of sugar. The aim was to help employees to sort the truth from the falsehoods in the current climate of sugar bashing!

Sugar is above all a plant product from a natural source that comes from extracting the juice of sugar beet or sugar cane, produced locally. When consumed in a sensible manner, it fits perfectly into a balanced diet. It is also a source of pleasure! Our coworkers and employees in the Group are proud of their know-how and of our products”, explained Claire Morenvillez, Public Affairs Manager at Tereos.

In Paris, on arriving at the office, all the employees were surprised to find a cricket-flour based cereal bar on their desks. This is an illustration of the Group’s innovative spirit, directed towards the proteins and food of the future! At lunchtime, the heads of the Solibio fruit and vegetable operation, which employs people seeking reintegration into the labor market, also came to help the employees learn about the association and offer them a basil plant and a soup made from organic, locally-sourced vegetables.

Employees from Tereos Sugar France in Origny, Artenay, Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe and Tereos Sugar and Energy Brazil also had the opportunity to receive baskets filled with fruit or local food products.

On the Tereos Campus Europe, the employees were able to taste the local fruit and vegetables from a stand set up for them. And in Romania, apples were distributed to help keep the doctor away!

In Lille, a naturopath lecturer spoke on the key to a daily balanced diet, before offering employees a healthy lunch!

On the program at Tereos Sugar UK & Ireland and Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe, a balanced breakfast with dairy produce, fruit, etc.

In La Réunion, a communal meal was organized. Each employee was invited to contribute by bringing their own meal in reusable dishes. The aim was to raise awareness of food waste! The employees then went to plant some fruits and vegetables, in collaboration with the association Ecologie Réunion.

In the Sao Paulo offices in Brazil, the employees were ready to take part in a quiz on a balanced diet and attended a conference where they could watch several educational  videos on sugar, available on the Intranet.

At Tereos Sugar & Energy Brazil, we played a game of transparency! The employees were surprised to see their products labeled to help them understood the provenance of the products. They were also able to attend a workshop on a balanced diet and physical exercises in the office and outside.

Another initiative at Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Brazil was a special menu in the cafeteria, which itself was decorated in the campaign colors. In addition, each employee received a book of balanced recipes.


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