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A cooperative sugar group, Tereos processes agricultural raw materials into sugar, alcohol and starch.

29 January 2018
Sustainable development: Tereos’ commitment to climate acknowledged

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Upon completion of an evaluation of its sugar business in France, Tereos has been ranked amongst the top 12% companies evaluated by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) rating agency for its hard work in the fight against global warming. More than 5,600 companies were evaluated for the ranking. The methodology used is based on the companies’ strategies and actions, as well as their sensitivity to climate change.

As the French sugar business is right at the heart of its cooperative model, this great result provides welcome evidence of Tereos’ commitment to reducing the environmental impact of
its activities. This recognition is even more important given the fact that the cooperative group operates in a liberalized market since the end of EU production quotas (1st October
2017), and increased its production by 30% in France this year.

“We are very proud of this result. It represents a reward for the strong actions set up by our cooperative Group in favour of climate, and notably the investment plan implemented in all the Group’s French sugar factories. Completed this year, the plan has allowed us to reduce our energy consumption by 15 % and our CO2 emissions by 20 %. Our commitment is to make sure that by 2020, 50% of the energy we consume is renewable in all our business areas, as compared with 2010.” commented Gérard Benedetti, CSR Director at Tereos.

For more information on the Tereos Group’s sustainable development policy, refer to our sustainable development report.

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