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A cooperative sugar group, Tereos processes agricultural raw materials into sugar, alcohol and starch.

22 November 2017
Sweet&You, Tereos’ tailor-made service

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Tereos now offers “Sweet&You”: an innovative service that supports our customers with tailor-made formulation of their products. Consumers’ needs are changing: they are looking for new flavors and new textures, they wish to have more control over their nutritional intake and they want better traceability of the products that they consume. To meet consumers’ expectations, Tereos’ customers, major players in the agri-food industry, have to innovate and develop their product ranges. Aware of these new challenges, Tereos has developed Sweet&You, a service that supports its customers with optimal formulation of their products.

Tailor-made solutions created from a comprehensive portfolio

With a portfolio boasting over 400 different products, Tereos is now the only group to offer such a large and complementary range of sugars, sweeteners, and starch products. A major asset that the Group wishes to exploit to the full, to strengthen its customer service offering.

As such, Sweet&You supports customers in making optimal use of this huge product portfolio. Tereos’ marketing, sales, and R&D teams use their combined expertise to prepare unique formulations that are tailored to their customers’ needs.

“On commodity markets, which are becoming ever more fiercely competitive, it is important for us to differentiate ourselves and offer our customers innovative services with high added value. The Sweet&You service offers a simple and effective response to our customers’ request for extensive support in their product formulation. Several of our customers have already expressed their interest!” commented Eric Villain, Sales & Marketing Excellence Director.

The Sweet&You service is already up and running: the Group is currently working with the ten leading agri-food companies in Europe and will be officially presenting this new service at Food Ingredients Europe, a key meeting place for European agri-food professionals, which will take place in Frankfurt at the end of November.

A service that comes under the One Tereos program

Thanks to the successful diversification of its activities, Tereos has a unique portfolio covering a wide range of applications. To raise awareness of our full commercial offering among our customers, in April 2017 we opted to bring the sales and marketing teams of all our European business lines together under a single entity.

The core objective of this new organization is to give our customers added value by strengthening the support we provide and by making it easier for them to understand the many possibilities afforded by our product range.

Thanks to the combined expertise of the sales, marketing, and innovation teams, Sweet&You marks a new stage in this development, enabling our customers to capture the full potential of our product portfolio and to create tailor-made formulations that meet their needs.

Why did you call the service “Sweet&You”?

It’s a comprehensive service that involves Tereos and, above all, the customer from the very first discussions. We analyze the market and then we adapt formulations based on European requirements and our customers’ needs. The “You” engages our customers directly: it’s not just Tereos that is selling an ingredient but it’s together that we are developing new solutions.

How is it a challenge to optimize a product’s sugar content?

We currently have available the full range of sugars and sweeteners that our customers need. In line with public health recommendations, we’re able to support them in developing products that meet various energy requirements, whilst optimizing their flavor through innovative and tailor-made sweetener combinations.

What arrangements have been put in place for FIE in Frankfurt (November 28–30)?

Customers will have the opportunity to taste formulations prepared by Tereos and to have a more personalized discussion on their specific product challenges. In addition to these arrangements, Michel Flambeau, R&D Application & Customer Technical Support Director, will be there to present the Sweet&You service.

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