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A cooperative sugar group, Tereos processes agricultural raw materials into sugar, alcohol and starch.

02 October 2018

The Tereos Supervisory Board notes with regret the decision to bring an end to the mediation that has been conducted by Henri Nallet. It would nevertheless like to take the opportunity to thank Henri for all his efforts, and to acknowledge the dedication and commitment he has shown in his role as mediator. Tereos has done everything within its power to make it possible for this mediation to lead to a negotiated solution.

In an approach based on openness and dialog, the Supervisory Board had proposed:

- to organize elections ahead of schedule in December 2018 (rather than in June 2019) that would be open to all in the regions, including those who had resigned from their positions;
- to purchase sugar beet during the 2018-2019 campaign from the three cooperative growers excluded this summer, so as to safeguard their activities and operations as growers;
- to consider granting them non-cooperative third-party status during a transition period after the end of the current campaign, and to continue to buy sugar beet from them.

Except for the purchase of sugar beet this year, which was accepted by the individuals concerned, none of these proposals has been thoroughly examined.

The Tereos Supervisory Board deeply regrets that the three excluded individuals’ demands for the dismissal of the entire Supervisory Board and for their own immediate reintegration as preconditions to any possible debate did not allow the mediation process to lead to a solution that could have served the interests of both the company and all the cooperative growers.
The three individuals excluded this summer turned down an outstretched hand and an opportunity for dialog, preferring a show of force that has led to the failure of this mediation initiative.
The Tereos Supervisory Board now intends to organize regional elections in a calm and untroubled atmosphere. It is confident that this new electoral process will allow the administrative bodies concerned to return to their normal functioning.

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