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07 Março 2017
Winning recipe for Guarani

Tereos' sugar brand in Brazil, Guarani, had great success with its recent campaign aimed at the general public. This original initiative combined digital technology with solidarity.

Sweet and generous 

Guarani organized a competition entitled "Doce Desafio" ("Sweet Challenge"). 7 Brazilian YouTubers were set the challenge of designing a sweet recipe to go with coffee. If their videos were shared more than 10,000 times, the brand promised to donate the sugar equivalent of 10,000 reals (around €3,000) to a food bank. The initiative was an unprecedented success with more than 27,000 shares, and as a result Guarani decided to double its donation! 

A global campaign 

To personalize the experience, the brand offers visitors the option to create their own avatar. Users can then share their avatar on social media and receive a free e-book of the recipes and coffees from the "Sweet Challenge".
Finally, Guarani also sponsored the show MasterChef Brazil and advertised on other radio and print media.

Savor the result 

On February 21 this year, the initiative's objectives and results were presented to the press. To mark the occasion, the YouTubers, the Chairman and CEO of the charitable organization, a barista and the MasterChef winner were invited to share their experience with the public.

Find out more about the promotional campaign on social media :

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