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16 octobre 2016
Protéines végétales : Tereos s’engage aux côtés de l’Etat pour faire de la France un leader mondial des protéines

Tereos, membre fondateur de « Protéines France », groupement composé de 7 acteurs français, leaders de la première transformation agricole, annonce aujourd’hui la signature d’un engagement avec l’Etat visant à favoriser le développement d’une filière française des protéines. Acteur engagé dans la valorisation des productions agricoles françaises et second producteur mondial de protéines de blé, Tereos est à l’origine de multiples avancées dans la recherche sur la valorisation de la protéine végétale.


Alexis Duval, Chief Executive Officer of Tereos stated “France has incredible potential to boost its production of plant proteins. Developing a value-creating agricultural raw material processing industry that is strong in export markets is an important issue for the future when it comes to developing France’s agricultural production.”

Tereos is joining forces with the government to develop the French protein sector

Alexis Duval, Chief Executive Officer of Tereos, a founding member of Protéines France, a consortium of 7 French companies (Avril, Limagrain, Neovia, Roquette, Tereos, Terrena and Vivescia), and leaders of the first agricultural transformation and the IAR (Industries & Agro-Resources) Cluster, along with Stéphane Le Foll, French Minister of Agriculture, Agrofood and Forests, and the Government’s spokesperson, and Christophe Sirugue, Secretary of State for Industry reporting to the Minister of Economy and Finance, signed a joint undertaking to structure and develop a French protein industry.

Although France has everything it needs to become an agricultural and industrial world leader in the production of plant proteins, it is highly dependent on protein imports. Drawing on its expertise in the production and processing of agricultural raw materials and its position as the world’s second largest producer of wheat proteins, Tereos is developing an innovative range of products to meet the latest challenges related to global food issues. Tereos, one of the major processors of wheat, potato starch and alfalfa in France, is behind a lot of progress in the research on developing plant proteins. The Group was involved in the establishment of Improve, the first European platform of collaborative innovation. Improve is entirely dedicated to the development of plant proteins and is supported by the Investment for the Future program led by the French government.

Tereos, a producer committed to the research and development of plant proteins

Currently, nearly 70 percent of the protein consumed worldwide is animal-based. Given the forecast growth in the world’s population, it may soon be impossible to fully meet these requirements. In a market in which Europe and France are highly dependent on exports of unprocessed agricultural materials, developing local solutions represents more than ever a challenge for the future. In 2013, the 2030 Innovation Commission submitted a report to the French President identifying plant proteins as one of seven “innovation targets”, and stating its wish for French industrialists to “mobilize to develop attractive new plant protein-based food products that could change eating habits and consequently provide a lasting food solution, jobs in France, and improve the country’s export capacity.

With this in mind, Tereos is intensifying its developments in this field, convinced that developing plant proteins is one of the ways in which we can meet future global food requirements. In 2015, the “G en Vie” project led by Tereos won the Worldwide Innovation Challenge award. “G en Vie” is a nutritionally rich food composed of raw vegetable materials grown in France, made using a patented process that provides the end product with a firm consistency, shelf life that does not rely on cold storage, and a pleasant taste, paving the way for a broad range of products. In 2016, Tereos began the construction of its R&D pilot at its Marckolsheim site in Alsace in order to begin market tests in 2017.

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