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Sustainable agriculture

As a cooperative group, Tereos maintains strong links with the agricultural world, both in France, where farmers are company’s cooperative growers, and worldwide, where farmers supply raw materials.

In total, the Group brings value to close to one million hectares of farmland centred on its activities of processing sugar beet, sugar cane, cereals, potatoes, alfalfa and cassava.

To promote sustainable agriculture, which combines at the same time reliable yields with farming practices that respect the environment, Tereos endorses, in its different activities, renowned, high-quality practices and labels such as SAI, Bonsucro, ISCC and 2BSvs. Moreover, Tereos is a partner of the Open Agrifood forum, which aims to unite all of the players from the food-processing sector and to implement innovative and concrete projects in the field of agriculture. 



SAI is a non-profit organisation that unites more than 80 international companies and promotes a shared core of more sustainable agricultural practices.

Tereos’ cooperative partners first participated in a self-assessment of their agricultural practices through the SAI’s sustainability assessment tool (the Farm Sustainability Assessment).

An independent organisation then carried out a series of field audits. At the end of these audits, 100% of Tereos’ cooperative partners obtained gold or silver status, which corresponds to a high level of respect for best agricultural practices as defined by SAI.



Bonsucro is a non-profit organisation that brings together sugar cane producers. Its goal is to improve the social and environmental impact of sugar cane cultivation while also maintaining its economic profitability. Bonsucro certification is internationally recognised and, as of 2016, covers around 4% of the world’s sugar cane.

Tereos has been working actively with Bonsucro since 2011. In 2015, 18% of the sugar cane processed by Tereos in Brazil was certified, as were four of the seven factories. In 2016, a fifth factory is being certified and the group is currently defining a deployment plan for 2020.

Between 2014 and 2015, the production of Bonsucro-certified Tereos produced sugar increase by 41%