Maltodextrins & Dried Glucose Syrups

Maldex® Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate powder made from renewable materials with a moderate sweet taste that is used as a bulk carrier, a nutritive component or to improve mouthfeel in a variety of food and specialised nutritional products. Maltodextrins are widely used to balance the nutritional profile of foods, carry aromas, provide flavours, or adjust the sweetness.  

Tereos maltodextrins offer a wide range of carbohydrate spectrum, particle size distribution (regular and granulated) and densities with excellent compression, flowability and dissolving properties. Maldex® fulfils the highest requirements of infant & clinical nutrition and offers a very wide range of packaging. 

Tereos offers a wide range of possibilities – botanical origin maltodextrins 

Corn, Wheat, Potato 


Food / Infant Food / Pharma 

Maldex® range  

Fine: Maldex® 120, Maldex® 170, Maldex® 190 

Coarse: Maldex® G120, Maldex® G170, Maldex® G190 

Extra Coarse: Maldex® G191 

Additional Maltodextrins range

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Low DE maltodextrin