Nutrition and Health

Nutrition and Health constitutes one of the primary areas of research and development at Tereos. We aim to provide consumers and our customers with ingredients that enable them to cover their nutritional and functional needs optimally, so that everyone can satisfy their nutritional needs in terms of quantity and quality.


Our biggest challenge is responding to the food needs of consumers in terms of accessibility and of nutrition and health, both human and animal. We do this by developing innovative product formulations and supporting our customers’ development, all around the world.



  • Meeting specialized nutritional needs, whether for infants or the elderly, and supporting people requiring a specialized diet.
  • Adapting food for specific uses.
  • Developing high-energy, high-protein foods to support the growing needs of the populations of tomorrow.
  • Finding nutritional solutions adapted to chronic illnesses using fibres, proteins and sweeteners (polyols, etc.).
  • Supporting our customers in optimizing the nutritional formulation of their products by developing innovative products and services to meet the nutritional needs of the future.
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Application example


Begun in 2019, the adventure of the Tereos 100% plant-based, simple and healthy recipe range took a new turn in 2022. Made from 5 main ingredients – wheat, chickpea, sunflower oil, fiber and vegetable broth – it was revised and improved last year to become “Ensemble™”, to accelerate its commercial development. At the same time, it also became a fully-fledged Tereos business, with a team dedicated to its development. This new organization reflects the ambitions of this brand, which is part of a plant protein market that is growing by 7-8% every year. Responding to the dual challenge of “good for me, good for the planet”, Ensemble™ saw its sales grow by 56% in fiscal 2022/23. It is now set to become a pillar of the Group’s growth and is now proving its worth internationally, mainly in Europe, but also in the United States, where Tereos has taken its first steps, opening an office in Chicago at the end of 2022 to accelerate its distribution.