In view of the very steep rise in the world’s population, the needs of society are changing not only in quantitative but also in qualitative terms. A growing need for drugs and medicines has been generated by aging populations in developed regions and high birth-rates and increasingly accessible healthcare in other regions, particularly in Africa and Asia. This is why Tereos is developing a range of excipients and active ingredients from its product portfolio, complying with the requirements of pharmacopoeias, and is supporting its customers in the pharmaceuticals sector.


Whatever the excipient, the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) or the formulation of the (artificial) enteral nutrition concerned, Tereos guarantees their safety and compliance with the pharmacopoeias in force. R&D teams at Tereos are working on projects intended to adapt and broaden some of our product ranges in terms of functionalities such as stability, form, dissolution, targeting and colour and taste.


  • Developing care and contributing to the well-being of people in hospital through a wide range of products adapted to the uses of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Adapting and broadening some of our product ranges such as excipients for the pharmaceutical industry (dissolution-controlled tablets, cough syrup, etc).
  • Expanding the range to include active ingredients. Tereos is an established supplier of sugar-based and starch derivative-based excipients for the pharmaceutical industry. Active ingredients will enable our customers to market safe, effective and high-quality medicines.

Examples of applications

A broad range of active ingredients

Tereos has been granted a European Pharmacopeia Certificate (EPC) of suitability for glucose monohydrate produced in its Zaragoza unit in Spain. This glucose can be injected intravenously or used in dialysis solutions.

Tereos, supplier of excipients to the pharmaceutical industry

One of the world’s leaders for perfusion, transfusion, clinical nutrition and dialysis is now supplied with Meridex® by Tereos. For around 20 years, Tereos has been an established supplier of sugar-based and starch derivative-based excipients for the pharmaceutical industry. Now Tereos R&D and Sales teams are pushing their expertise in glucose monohydrate further, with the ambition of producing an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). In 2010, Tereos invested in Zaragoza, Spain, constructing a facility dedicated to manufacturing glucose monohydrate as an active ingredient.