Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Tereos supplies the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries with a range of excipients and active ingredients that meet their needs on quantitative, qualitative and regulatory levels and contribute to the well-being of people.


Tereos offers an extensive range of sweeteners made from starch and polyols used as excipients and carriers in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and oral hygiene products.

Available in solid and liquid form, this range features properties such as compressibility and sweetening power that can be used in a wide variety of pharmaceutical applications like cough syrups, tablets and sachets. Its sweetening, plasticising and acariogenic properties make it a key ingredient in oral hygiene products.

In a number of applications relating to individual treatment (e.g. dialysis, injectable solutions and medical nutrition), products from Tereos Starch & Sweeteners act as bulking agents, humectants and thickeners.

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Strong customer orientation

This range is manufactured in compliance with the pharmaceutical industry’s regulatory requirements in the framework of an integrated quality management system based on the industry guidelines: IPEC-PQG GMP for pharmaceutical excipients and ICH Q7 for active ingredients.

Employing a “full service” approach, a dedicated team made up of pharmacists, public affairs specialists and R&D engineers provide professionals in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors with a co-design service for customising excipients, as well as operational technical support covering manufacturing processes and supply chain optimisation.

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