Personal Care

Closeup portrait of beautiful woman with healthy face and skin applying cosmetic cream. Skin care, beauty and facial treatment concept
Tereos supplies the personal care industry with a range of excipients and active ingredients that contribute to people’s well-being and meet the industry’s needs in terms of quantity, quality and regulations.

About Sugar and polyols

Sugar, a sweet solution from sustainable origins 

Tereos can offer you a wide range of sugars from two originscane sugar and the French sugar beetOur different sugar types can expand opportunities in personal care applications. 

Polyols and liquid sweeteners, for a wide range of benefits 

Made from renewable materials, our broad range of polyols and liquid sweeteners can help meet the functional benefits that are sought by personal care companies to continue improving consumer experience. 

Our sustainable solutions

Consumers are looking for green and sustainable ingredients that will contribute to their wellness and cosmetic attributes. With sustainability and naturalness driving purchases, Tereos offers a broad range of sustainable solutions made from renewable materials. Whether personal care companies are looking to improve the functionality of exfoliating moisturizers or texturizers, Tereos has a range of products and solutions to suit their needs to meet consumer expectations. 


Our personal care solutions can be applied in: skin care, hair care and skin cleansing. Find out more about our offer in this document.