We are innovating over the entire chain of value in order to achieve optimal competitiveness by anticipating the needs of our markets. This involves the innovation and development of sustainably high-performance agricultural practices.


Developing agronomic performance through the use of sustainable and resilient practices. Resilience means adapting to changing climate conditions. Sustainability means proposing practices that make it possible to protect soil, biodiversity and to reduce spending on energy and water


Ensuring good fertilization and good soil quality by using new technologies, mechanizing farming practices, working on varieties, and rotating crops that are of interest to Tereos.

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Examples of applications

Robotized weeding

For the fifth consecutive year, teams from the Tereos Agronomy Department have collaborated with ecoRobotix to test their latest innovation in weed control at the Tereos Polyculture Farm in Chevrières (Oise, France). The 2021 trials provided an opportunity to find out more about the third generation of ecoRobotix weed control: ARA. For Tereos, the goal is to enable its grower partners to benefit from the latest technologies which help them improve the margin of their farming business and their approach to sustainable agriculture.

Agro-industrial Operations Centre 

In Brazil, Tereos has incorporated new activities in an integrated operations centre. The aim of this centre is to increase plants efficiency and productivity through a single view of agricultural and industrial operations: monitoring agricultural equipment, controlling sugarcane traffic, standardising processes and sending reports, monitoring sugarcane stocks and supplies, etc. The results achieved include an 11% reduction in fuel consumption per tonne of sugar cane harvested, improved compliance with the harvest plan and an increase in the tonne of sugar cane transported by Group vehicles during the harvest. 

Connected sugar beet and potato

Placed in fields that will later be harvested by machine, this object, shaped like a sugar beet or potato, allows growers to record the frequency and intensity of impacts in order to fine tune the settings on their machines and guarantee the quality of the crop. Jointly developed by the Group’s New Technologies and Agronomy teams, this innovation is currently being tested and will eventually be brought into use in the sugar beet growing zones at the 8 Tereos sugar factories in France.