Industrial process

The transformation of agricultural raw materials requires the development of highly varied fractionation and purification technologies. Thanks to the constant improvement of our industrial processes to achieve higher performance and the use of stringent analytical procedures, we can guarantee our customers ingredients of excellent quality and functionality. We are constantly endeavouring to reduce our consumption of energy and water, with a target of zero waste.


Respecting the environment and ensuring energy efficiency through our industrial processes while boosting productivity through high performance.



  • Reducing our environmental impact: developing processes that are efficient in water and energy and recovering residues and by-products and trying to achieve zero waste.
  • Developing the full potential of the raw materials processed, with levels of quality as required by the descending order of stringency in quality: first human food and health, then animal nutrition, then non-food use, and then conversion to energy.
  • Finding new techniques to optimise processes for transforming raw materials.
  • Developing energy production by manufacturing ethanol and by anaerobic digestion.

Examples of applications

Starch facilities
Employed by Tereos teams, a rapid method for measuring the energy supplied to the industrial equipment has been developed, resulting in a 10% improvement in yields of protein in wheat starch facilities.

Methanization units at the Artenay site in France
In Artenay, the world’s first biogas plant using only beet distillation residues was created at the sugar refinery-distillery site. The biogas produced is used in boilers and reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.

Tereos – Site d’Artenay le 8 octobre 2013