At Tereos, we believe that advanced biofuels, derived from plants and agricultural raw material residues, can - and should - play a role today in a realistic roadmap to carbon neutrality.

Bioethanol: cheaper, less polluting, from agricultural and food activity

Bioethanol is a biofuel obtained after fermentation of plant materials such as sugar beets or cereals (wheat, corn), or of their residues once the plant has been used for a food application: sugar, alcohol, starch. Bioethanol is thus complementary to food.

Both pragmatic and available, bioethanol is a solution that meets four critical needs: it offers motorists a financially controlled mobility and has a very positive impact on agriculture and our territories. More importantly, as an immediately applicable solution, bioethanol can play a central role in decarbonizing transport among other solutions such as electricity or hydrogen. Finally, it contributes to France’s energy independence, in a global context where fossil fuels are not inexhaustible.

  • Carburant bioethanol
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Bioethanol for all needs


For all gasoline vehicles: the SP95-E10 (or E10)

As SP95, SP95-10 is an unleaded fuel used to power gasoline engines. The difference? Their bioethanol content, because SP95-E10 is a fuel that can incorporate bioethanol up to 10% by volume.

Almost all gasoline vehicles are now compatible with SP95-E10.

Superethanol-E85 is a fuel containing between 60% and 85% bioethanol by volume. It is intended for drivers of vehicles equipped with a flexfuel box or equipped as standard (some constructors have been marketing series equipped as standard for several years, with success).

What is a Flexfuel box? Thanks to the development of E85 Superethanol conversion units, which can be integrated into the engines of private vehicles by approved professionals, the majority of car models are now eligible for this solution, which opens the way to economical and flexible consumption (traditional gasoline or E85).

ED95, a fuel containing 95% ethanol intended for transport professionals such as trucks, buses and coaches with compatible engines. Its distribution is done with a tank equipped with a pump. Filling the tanks is easy and fast, and the range is close to that of a diesel vehicle. In addition, our transporters who have used ED95 attest to its excellent engine power.

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Tereos, expert and committed to sustainable energy

As the European leader in this sector, Tereos produces ethanol from sugar beet and wheat, in synergy with the food industry and enabling the cooperative to guarantee an additional outlet for its farmers.

In Brazil, the Group is already a major economic player in the ethanol market from sugar cane and promoter of the RenovaBio public policy, in favor of the domestic deployment of Bioethanol.

Convinced of the potential of plant-based solutions to meet essential daily needs, including energy and fuel, Tereos is a pioneer in the production of ethanol for transportation.


Tereos accounts for nearly half of France's ethanol production


Tereos is #1 producer in France and the European leader


Today in France, one service station out of four distributes E85