An essential part of our diet, proteins represent a significant part of our daily nutritional needs. To take full advantage of their potential, Tereos supplies high-protein ingredients and also plant-based alternatives which have grown increasingly popular with consumers.

About proteins

Proteins are key components in all living organisms due to their amino acid profiles. Proteins play a major role in our health; their nutritional properties make them an essential ingredient. Proteins are separated from starch milk by centrifugation and then filtration and drying 

Proteins are widely used in food and animal nutrition.  

Raw materials: wheat, corn, potato.  


Proteins are widespread in food and animal nutrition.  

Ensemble™, a clean and sustainable plant-based protein brand

Ensemble™ is a range of gourmet recipes offered by Tereos, based on plant ingredients. It is uniquely placed in that the products contain just five main ingredients: wheat, chickpeas, sunflower oil, fibre and vegetable stock. The ingredients used are sourced in Europe, with the range being produced in France. As such, the products are affordable, at a comparable price with chicken.

In French the word “ensemble” means “together” and, as a brand, Ensemble™ conveys both the company’s cooperative values and the moments of warmth and togetherness people enjoy sharing around a delicious meal. This range of tasty and ready-to-use recipes serves the dual objective of being “good for me, good for the planet”. Ensemble™ products are rated A on the Nutri-score scale are also certified vegan, Kosher, and Halal.