An essential part of our diet, proteins represent a significant part of our daily nutritional needs. To take full advantage of their potential, Tereos supplies high-protein ingredients and also plant-based alternatives which have grown increasingly popular with consumers.

About proteins

Proteins are key components in all living organisms due to their amino acid profiles. Proteins play a major role in our health; their nutritional properties make them an essential ingredient. Proteins are separated from starch milk by centrifugation and then filtration and drying 

Proteins are widely used in food and animal nutrition.  

Raw materials: Wheat, Corn, Potato.  


Proteins are widespread in food and animal nutrition.  


It’s a plant protein research platform focusing on functionalities and opportunities. Launched in 2013, it is intended to increase the proportion of plant proteins in the food we eat to help respond to the vital issue of sustainability.

Key figures


of plant proteins produced by Tereos


of cereals and 60 m3 of water are needed to produce 1 kg of beef protein


of cereals and 800 litres of water to generate 1 kg of plant protein