In 20 years, Tereos has become one of the largest players in the European starch market and one of the main players in French cereal processing. The development of plant proteins is a strong focus for the Group, which is one of the world leaders in wheat protein.

Key figures


largest global producer of wheat protein


wheat starch facilities worldwide

Locations in Europe

Wheat is the second most-grown crop in the world. After rice, it is the cereal most consumed by humans. Wheat is used to produce flour for a variety of breads, pastries and many other products. It is also a cereal widely used in animal feed.

Tereos possesses 5 wheat starch facilities in Europe. The wheat delivered to Tereos’ facilities comes from the European Union, mainly from France.

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Transformation process

After harvesting, the wheat is cleaned, ground and sifted to separate the bran and germ from the flour. A wet process separation then takes place to separate the flour into starch and proteins. The wheat starch can be modified or hydrolysed later into glucose syrups.

Source of protein

Wheat, the principal source of plant protein in human nutrition, is rich in starch: approximately 1.9 tonnes of wheat produces 1 tonne of starch. Its protein content is the highest among the most commonly grown cereals. Plant proteins are a key element in the Group’s nutrition and health innovation policy.