With 1.3 million tonnes of products for animal feed, Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe supplies a range of fibre-rich ingredients for livestock (ruminants, swine, poultry).

Complementary products for animal feed

By fully processing all parts of their agricultural raw materials, Tereos facilities extract a whole range of fibre-rich ingredients from wheat, corn and potatoes for ruminants, swine and poultry. These contain a significant level of protein and energy in the form of starch.

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Fibres and germs

Obtained during the sugar and starch extraction process, and more broadly from the production chain, fibres and germs intended for animal feed take the form of wheat or corn gluten (Amyplus and Amygold), dehydrated or pressed pulps and grains.

Dried pulps

Dried and pressed pulps are the main by-products of beet sugar, and they are primarily used for cattle feed. They provide a supplementary source of energy alongside farm fodder, while freeing up land for marketable crops.

Grains, a distillery by-product, are characterised by high protein content. They provide alternatives to soya meal or rapeseed meal in animal feed. They are local proteins produced from French crops and are not genetically modified.

Gluten feed, a fibre-rich by-product, comes from the production of wheat starch and corn starch. It provides a balanced source of protein and energy available throughout the year in the form of granules. It is produced from local crops and is not genetically modified.

Key figures


of fibres and germs produced by TSSE


of dried and pressed pulps commercialized in 2018


actor in the animal feed market in France