Paper and corrugated cardboard

To improve the quality of finished products and manufacturing processes in the paper and corrugated cardboard industry, Tereos supplies producers in the sector with tailored and competitive starch-based solutions.

Textural properties of starch

Native and modified wheat starch and corn starch, such as the starch mixtures produced by Tereos, possess textural properties that increase the strength of paper and improve its surface finish, its printability and its transformation. Starch-based binders also reduce the total cost of coating formulations.

Customised solutions for corrugated cardboard

In parallel, Tereos is developing tailored starch-based glues to address the problems of gluing faced by corrugated cardboard producers. Our dedicated teams work very closely with them, as well as with the manufacturers of corrugators to improve the performance of our products in terms of viscosity throughout the manufacturing process. There are very concrete benefits, including higher productivity, optimised use of energy and glue, a lower reject rate and improved quality of corrugated cardboard. Beyond the binders themselves, we design, manufacture, test and install Syral B Stein Hall process machinery at our customers’ facilities on a turnkey basis. We also provide training for their teams.

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