Sustainability, local origin and traceability have become a key feature of consumer expectations. These new trends have given the reputation of organic produce a huge boost. Tereos has pioneered the distribution of organic cane sugar in Europe for more than 15 years. And, since 2019, it has gone one step further still by building its own organic value chains in France, and developing an in-house organic product portfolio.

A new ecosystem together

Although there is great interest in organic products, the switch to organic production is not always a simple one. It requires substantial change in practices, both agricultural and industrial. As a cooperative, Tereos understands this new ecosystem and provides support and expertise to its partner growers. In this environment, long-term vision is key to supporting and building this new ecosystem.

First certified organic beet sugar production in France

As organic cane sugar differentiates itself by its unique taste and its tropical and wellness connotations in consumers’ minds, organic beet sugar has the key advantage for our European customers : it is local. Since October 2019, and for the first time in France, Tereos has added to its organic sugar portfolio certified organic beet sugar produced at its sugar plant in Attin. Certified organic by Ecocert, this new sugar meets high quality standards and expands your options.

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Organic sugar


For over 15 years, Tereos has been building successful partnerships with a range of organic sugar producers across Central America, Latin America and Asia.

  • Traceability and adherence to European specifications for organic production guaranteed
  • Varieties: White, golden and brown
  • Pack sizes: 25 kg paper bags, 1-ton and 1.1-ton big bags for companies, and 0.5 kg and 1 kg powder and cubes for distribution


In response to the demand for locally sourced organic sugar, Tereos offers its customers organic beet sugar from France, in partnership with organic growers from the northern half of France. Having become the first French player to offer this type of certified product in 2019, Tereos increased its organic beet area to 500 ha and doubled the number of its partner growers in 2020.This certified organic French sugar is produced at our Attin plant in the Hauts-de-France region.

Our organic products


Tereos is diversifying its range of organic products made from French sugar beet with the launch in 2020 of COSMOS-certified organic 96% high-purity alcohol for use in perfumes and cosmetics.

  • Produced at our Artenay plant
  • Made from 100% French organic sugar beet
  • Cosmos-certified
  • Available in tanker trucks or IBCs



Tereos expanded its animal nutrition product range with the development of two organic and 100% French products in 2019:

  • Compressed organic sugar beet pulp produced in Attin, Pas-de-Calais in the north of France
  • Dehydrated organic alfalfa, produced at our Pleurs plant in Marne in the east of France

Key figures

500 ha

of organic sugar beet in 2020 (compared to 200 ha in 2019)

+ 70

partner organic growers in France


Tereos plants certified for organic beet sugar