A constantly changing environment

In 2050, there will be 10 billion human beings on Earth. The world population will have increased fivefold in the space of a century, bringing with it new challenges in terms of food and energy. Our response must therefore be up to the task, based on renewable resources and ethical production models that offer positive solutions for our territories and our agricultural sectors. Against this backdrop, Tereos has given itself the mission of developing plant resources to sustainably meet the essential daily needs, with regard to food, renewable energy, pharmaceutical needs and care.

A leading partner

As a cooperative group, Tereos brings together more than 12,000 grower partners and has recognized know-how in the processing of sugar beet, sugar cane, wheat, corn, potatoes, cassava and alfalfa. The Group markets sugar, starches and alcohol in 155 countries across the world and guarantees the traceability, competitiveness and sustainability of its products to its customers. Its desire to innovate and broad product portfolio enable it to meet the diverse expectations of consumers from one continent to another.

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largest sugar-producing group in the world


largest starch producer in Europe


largest global producer of wheat proteins


producer of ethanol in Europe