Tereos is present on the market with 5 consumer brands, very popular with consumers locally. These brands are also the star of the Tereos brand, labels of quality and innovation.

Béghin Say

Béghin Say is the most famous sugar brand on the French market. With dozens of references, it has the widest range of the national market. Like its emblematic color, yellow, the brand is warm, friendly, greedy and dynamic. Beghin Say knows how to adapt throughout its history to consumer expectations, whether with the launch of blond cane sugar in the 1980s or more recently with its Sucre & Stévia range.

La Perruche

Founded in 1890, La Perruche finds its origin in Reunion Island. Present on the heart of each French family for many years, it is distinguished by the original form of its sugars, their amber color and their taste of cane sugar. Over time, La Perruche has become the symbol of a lifestyle and refinement to the French.

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TTD is the largest beet processor in the Czech Republic and one of the top 10 food producers in the country. The brand has been affiliated with Tereos since 1992.

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Guarani is one of the main sugar brands in Brazil and it is present in the most important retailers and supermarkets in the country. The brand is aligned with the current consumer’s needs who looks for more natural product and a more balanced diet.

Thinking about it, Guarani has launched two new products recently: Organic Crystal Sugar and the Refined Special Sugar with Stevia, which contains 50% less calories and sweetens 2 times more. The two products complete the wide Guarani’s portfolio that already counts with the traditional refined and crystal sugar and the demerara sugar. Guarani also commercializes the French brand La Perruche.

Sucreries de Bourbon

It is the general public brand of sweets products on the island of Reunion. With 200 years of history with the Bois Rouge and Gol sweetmeats in Reunion, the brand distributes white sugar, blond, red and other quality by-products. The Sucreries de Bourbon is an important part of the economy, history and culture of the island.

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Whitworths is one of the main sugar brands in Britain and we are proud of our over 100 years of sugar expertise. We want the UK to love using our sugars, so we inspire with great little ideas that make homemade taste better.

The eye catching Whitworths packaging encourages and suggests new uses with helpful hints and tips.

With an extensive range of sugars to suit every need from granulated sugar for stirring in tea and coffee to delicious soft brown sugar for cakes and baking – we hope to provide a Whitworths Sugar for everyone!

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