Customer Innovation Centre

Our newly established Customer Innovation Centre in Aalst (Belgium) is equipped with cutting edge laboratory, pilot machinery, modern analytical equipment, advanced laboratories, and dedicated pilot areas to provide first-class services to our customers.

Our team of experts produce, test, and develop solutions for a wide range of products: FOOD (confectionery, chocolates, dairy products, baked goods, and savoury), PHARMACEUTICALS, COSMETICS, and INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS (such as paper and board).

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Our services include:

  • REFORMULATION: Our expertise lies in formulating or reformulating food products to enhance their nutritional profile. We focus on increasing fibre and protein content and reducing calories and sugar while ensuring great taste and extended shelf life.
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Our facility contributes to the development of new products in food and non-food applications. Our team provides tailored advice on ingredients that match customer needs, offering formulation proposals to optimize recipes and product performance.
  • ANALYTICAL TESTING: We conduct comprehensive analytical testing, including physical measurements, sugar composition analysis, sensory panel assessments, and shelf stability evaluations.
  • EXPERT SUPPORT: Our regulatory, marketing, and technology experts provide valuable guidance to our customers.
  • TRAINING: We offer training sessions on Tereos’ products, properties, and their applications.