Currently, the average daily consumption of fibres is estimated at between 15 and 20 grams, although nutritionists recommend a daily intake of 25 to 30 grams. With the aims of promoting a more balanced diet and reducing its own waste, Tereos transforms all its raw materials by recovering the dietary fibres that are obtained throughout the production chain. Used for animal feed as well as human nutrition, fibres form part of Tereos’ by-products.


Fibres are long chains of carbohydrates that are neither digested nor absorbed in the human small intestine. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed their importance in maintaining health and preventing illness.


By-products are obtained during the sugar and starch extraction process, and more broadly from the production chain. They are used in a number of applications, including animal feed, fertilisers and fermentation industries.


Oligofructose is a soluble prebiotic fibre that helps balance our gut bacteria and so contributes to our wellbeing. Tereos is acknowledged as a pioneer player in oligofructose production in Europe. The fibre is obtained from sugar extracted from sugar beets. As during a fermentation, the sugar is converted by an enzyme produced by a fungus, carefully selected by Tereos for its natural ability to convert the sugar to fibre. Oligofructose (also called fructooligosaccharide, or FOS) is naturally present in foods such as wheat, barley, rye, asparagus, banana, artichoke, garlic, onion and many others.

So that people can take advantage of fructo-oligosaccharides and to help them enrich their daily diet, Tereos has developed Actilight®, a concentrate of soluble fibres produced from sugar beets thanks to a bioconversion process inspired by nature. A single teaspoonful of Actilight® is equivalent to the quantity of fibres present in 10 bananas, 700 g of rye or 40 cloves of garlic. The properties of Actilight® Fibre have been documented by dozens of clinical studies in scientific journals and confirmed by groups of independent experts.

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scientific and clinical studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of Actilight® on intestinal functions, the immune system, regulation of blood sugar, regulating weight and mineral absorption


of the French population suffer from digestive symptoms