A leading European producer of native starches for decades, Tereos offers a vast range of high value-added starch products that comply with the current and future standards of the food, pharmaceutical, plant chemistry, animal feed, paper and cardboard industries. Extracted from corn, wheat, potatoes and cassava, starch is a significant source of energy.

About Starch

Starch is the most abundant carbohydrate reserve in plants. It is largely present in cereals such as wheat, corn and potato starch. Starch is formed in plants through photosynthesis, which enables plants to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and convert it into glucose. 

To extract the starch, components of the plant—namely starch, proteins, germs and cellulosic fibres—are separated. The industrial process involves a series of simple physical separation steps such as grinding, sieving, centrifugation, concentration and drying. Starch is then available on the market in an odourless, tasteless powder form. 

Raw materials: wheat, corn, potato.  

Tereos offers a wide range of native starches mainly from corn, wheat and potato for the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors, including for corrugated cardboard. This diversity of raw materials results in a range of solutions tailored to customers’ needs.  



The various functions provided by starches found in the wide range proposed by Tereos, make it possible to best meet the requirements of the food, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. 

Key figures


starch manufactures in Europe, Asia and Brazil


of Tereos’ revenues is generated by business in starch and other derivatives


largest European producer of starch products

Native and modified starch process

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