As one of the first sugar groups to have adopted a dedicated approach to the pharmaceutical industry, Tereos is now recognized as a reliable supplier of sucrose and starch-based excipients and actives. Tereos ensures high purity and controlled composition of its products, which comply with the stringent regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

About excipients

Excipients play a key role in formulating safe, effective and high-quality drugs. Tereos offers a unique range of sucrose and starch-based excipients designed to help customers tackle the specific challenges linked to each type of finished dosage form: our high purity excipients provide complementary functional and sensory benefits in a wide array of applications. 

In oral solid dosage forms such as tablets, granules or powder mixes, sucrose, starch, maltodextrins, powder polyols and dextrose (glucose monohydrate) have a positive effect on the end products’ taste profile, visual aspect and texture. 

In oral liquid dosage forms such as syrups, suspensions and solutions, sucrose, glucose syrups and liquid polyols enable the formulation of fullsugar and sugar-free products. These excipients also help modulate the sweetness profile and viscosity while ensuring an even distribution of the active pharmaceutical ingredients. 

Sucrose, liquid and powder polyols also play a key technological and sensory role in medicated confectionery such as hard-biled candies, pastilles and chewing gums. 

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About Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Tereos supplies Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) compliant with the strictest standards in order to guarantee patient safety. 

These APIs are manufactured with a constant commitment to quality in cGMP cGMPcertified European production plants inspected by local health authorities. 

The Tereos API range comprises dextrose (glucose monohydrate) suitable for use as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Meridex® and Meridex® PF (Pyrogen Free). Meridex® is designed for haemodialysis while Meridex® PF is used for peritoneal dialysis, parenteral nutrition and infusion solutions. 

Strong customer focus

Tereos aims at being the partner of the pharmaceutical industry for reliable and unique solutions ensuring patient safety. 

In addition to strict compliance with the highest quality standards and reliability throughout the value chain, Tereos strives to develop collaboration with pharmaceutical industry customers in a transparent and open mindset. 

The compliance and regulatory dossiers (CEP and US-DMF) that Tereos holds for dextrose (glucose monohydrate) provide proof of the quality and safety of Meridex® and Meridex® PF. These documents facilitate and simplify information exchanges with customers to support them with their own regulatory requirements and product filings. 

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