As a kid, you already wanted to change the world! If you join Tereos, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to develop as part of a market-leading Group and to play your part in a meaningful adventure – finding solutions to the challenges of the future in food, energy and health by processing natural raw materials.

Our DNA: employees with passion

We give our teams the means to succeed and grow with Tereos on the basis of values that we identify with and that unite us. Maybe they’re yours too!

Our employees are passionate. They are proud of their expertise and know-how. Thanks to them, we are able to develop a quality offer all around the world. At Tereos, professions and cultures come together around the same passion for deriving all the potential value from natural raw materials, taking into account environmental and human issues.

  • Industria 4.0 – Cruz Alta – 03/11/2020
  • Industria 4.0 – Cruz Alta – 03/11/2020

A spirit of openness

Tereos has become a player on the international stage without losing its roots or its long-term vision. We are very proud that each day, we expand our horizons. We make a point of diversifying our activities and our products in order to ensure the sustainability of our model and to advance it. Our employees are attached to the richness of our businesses and our locations, which offer them numerous career opportunities. At Tereos, innovation depends on the open-mindedness that we also find in the DNA of those who support us day after day – our cooperative growers, partners and employees. Together, looking towards tomorrow, we are working together to construct a virtuous economic and human model.

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Team spirit

Because our goal is to develop together and to construct meaningful projects, at Tereos we believe in the value of team spirit. We develop a collaborative environment in which individual performance serves collective success. We promote new ways of working that are more open, more effective and more fulfilling, all in an international context, open to the world.

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Tereos Campus Europe, catalysing synergies

In 2018, we inaugurated the Tereos Campus Europe, our European operational centre of expertise and innovation, based in the northern suburbs of Paris. Located in the heart of the Group’s European farming basins and industrial network, the site will progressively accommodate more than 500 employees by the end of 2018. At the same time, we have opened a Europe Business Services Centre in Lille, staffed by 80 administrative personnel. The aim of this project is to enable different departments and entities at all levels to work together in a more coordinated and concerted way.