Balancing responsibilities to promote proximity and operational efficiency

The governance of Tereos allows the Group’s long-term strategy to be defined and implemented. Our governance aims to permanently combine operational efficiency with proximity to grower partners. It is based on a strong link—and a clear division of responsibilities–between elected representatives and the management.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board appoints the Chairman of the Management board and approves the strategy and major financial decisions proposed by the Management Board. It sets the price of agricultural raw materials and the amount of net income to be distributed. It is composed of 23 members from among Tereos cooperative growers.

Gérard Clay was elected Chairman of Tereos Supervisory Board on December 18, 2020.  Key player in the merger of the Sucreries distilleries des Hauts de France (SDHF) with Tereos in 2006, Gérard Clay is grower of sugar beet, potato, canned peas and cereal in Bryas (Pas-de-Calais), his farm is attached to the Tereos sugar factory in Lillers (Pas-de-Calais).

The Management Board

The Management Board proposes to the Supervisory Board any policies that it considers necessary in the best interests of both the company and its cooperative growers. Then, working alongside the Management Committee, the managers, and all teams of operational and functional divisions of the Group, it ensures their implementation.

Ludwig de Mot joined Tereos on April 7, 2022, as Chairman of the Management Board. With a career spanning 25 years in the industrial and BtoB universe, Ludwig de Mot has held positions of responsibility on the executive committee of several large groups such as McBride (cleaning products), Lhoist (minerals and production lime) and SCA Packaging (forestry industry).  

His industrial experience and transformation expertise are assets to ensure the effective deployment of continuous improvement plans within the Group but also to improve financial results, steer the energy transition strategy and thus accelerate the Group’s return to sustainable profitability. 

Regional assemblies

Each regional assembly brings together all the cooperative growers of each region. Decisions, mainly the election of representatives are taken according to cooperative principles, on the basis of ‘one man, one vote’. Regional assemblies are opportunities to present all the cooperative growers with information on Tereos’ business, financial results and projects. The election of regional councillors takes place at these assemblies. They represent the region’s cooperative growers at the plenary general assembly of Tereos. These regional assemblies usually take place in the spring, after the closing of the annual accounts and before the Group’s General Assembly (except in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis).

Regional councils

The regional council’s role is to nurture and develop the region-wide relationship with cooperative growers. It takes accounts of specific regional factors and makes proposals to the Supervisory Board. Each regional council consists of representatives elected at the regional assemblies and one-third of mandates are renewed each year. In total, 140 councillors represent 6 regions.

Working Groups and Committees

Tereos’ new cooperative organisation will be based on the constitution of four committees which will carry out in-depth work on issues specific to each type of crop and each market sector: Sugar Beet, Potatoes, Animal Feed (alfalfa and sugar beet pulp) and Public Affairs.

The new Tereos cooperative organisation is based on the constitution of three working groups, including four committees, which study the specific production issues of each sector: Beet, Potatoes, Alfalfa and Animal Feed.