Artenay site awarded ISO 50 001 certification

Recognition that rewards the teams’ efforts to better manage energy consumption.

Protecting the environment is a top priority for the Group. Tereos Sugar France has embarked on a process of improving the management of energy consumption at its sugar factories and distilleries, a significant part of which has been obtaining ISO 50 001 certification. The teams at the Artenay site in Loiret have implemented in particular an energy management system to ensure more efficient energy usage. All employees contribute to this daily effort.

Teams already committed

Once conditions were right, in March 2018, the Artenay site began to take the necessary steps to obtain ISO 50 001 certification. This was a process that was quickly successful and, at the start of 2019, the site was certified.

The speed at which this took place should not be ignored, and particularly reflects the hard work carried out by all the teams, as Samir Kadir, Sugar Factory & Distillery Process Engineer for Tereos Sugar France, explains: “When we make sugar and alcohol, energy — in the case of the Artenay site, gas — is our main processing cost. We have worked for years to better manage its use, and thereby reduce our energy consumption to better protect the environment.

Specifically, the teams at Artenay have implemented an Energy Management System (EMS) that has two objectives: to continuously improve the site’s energy performance, but also to raise awareness among the teams of the issues around energy consumption and to hold them to account. To this end, training courses on energy management have been provided. An internal booklet of “Energy” best practices has also been created to outline guidelines that should be followed to improve energy management at the site.

(* standard of the International Organization for Standardization)

The result?

Following an audit conducted in December 2018 and January 2019, the certification has been granted.

I am very proud of all the teams that worked tirelessly to obtain this certification. Their dedication was essential to the success of this project. Following this recognition, we must now remain focused on our objective for 2022 and beyond!” concludes Samir Kadir.

A global CSR initiative

This certification is part of Tereos’ overall ambition in terms of energy. The Group is tackling four main challenges: economic, with a view to reducing its energy bill; regulatory and organizational in order to raise awareness among its teams; and, lastly, the challenge of sustainable development, with the aim of reducing energy consumption by 2020. In addition, as part of the “Ambitions 2022” plan, Tereos has launched a policy entitled “Environmental Sustainability” across all its sites.