Béghin Say Launches Two New Sustainable Products

Our B2C range is expanding to include organic sugars and sugars with High Environmental Value

In April, two new ranges of Béghin Say sugar will be hitting the shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets, providing access to a healthy and sustainable diet to the greatest number of people.

All of our products are part of an ambitious program focused on environmental issues, the future of the French agricultural sector and consumer expectations. With this in mind, our Béghin Say brand is expanding its range with French organic sugar and sugar from sugar beets grown in France, on farms with HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale — High Environmental Value) certification.    

Organic Sugars: The Culmination of a Collaborative Ambition

Back in 2019, the Group delved into the Organic world, backing partnerships with organic growers in the cultivation of organic sugar beet and supporting planters in the process of converting, in accordance with organic farming regulations. Rather than being just a transitional first step, it was part of a cross-cutting approach, driven by the desire to meet the challenge of an increasingly healthy and sustainable food model for the future.

This commitment is now taking shape among consumers with the launch of the Béghin Say French Organic Sugar range in supermarkets that is:

Sold in brand new, sleek and appealing, green packaging, which is 100% recyclable.

New Products with HVE Certification

Béghin Say is the first beet sugar brand to offer French sugar from HVE-certified farms. Produced at the Tereos sugar factory in Artenay (Loiret), the Béghin Say range committed to HVE farming is available as cubes and caster sugar. It will also be sold in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.