Food waste: taking action at every level

Tereos continues its #GoodFood #NoWaste campaign. The goal: to raise awareness and demonstrate what actions the Group is taking in the fight against food waste.

#GoodFood #NoWaste is an internal awareness campaign designed to share messages and unite actions on the ground, in conjunction with two key events: the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste (September 29) and World Food Day (October 16). 

In our agro-industry, limiting food loss and waste is directly linked to the cooperative mindset, which aims to highlight the value of plant resources. This requires finding as many applications as possible for agricultural raw materials, economically managing resources (water, energy, etc.) and reusing any surplus materials.  

To be clear, we need to identify additional applications for the plant-based raw materials we process and, in the case of finished food products, we need to donate surplus amounts to people living in food insecurity. If the products are not suitable for human consumption, they could be used for animal feed, energy production, or health and hygiene products. See the infographics for more details.