Lubrizol: lifting of restrictions regarding crop production

  • Tereos takes note of the upcoming lifting of restrictions affecting crop production following the Lubrizol fire in Rouen.
  • After the adjustment of supply flows allowing them to ensure a continuity of service despite the crisis, the teams of Tereos Sugar France reactivate today a standard operating mode.  

Based in a series of sanitary controls, French National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labor (ANSES) has published on October 18 its risk assessment concerning agricultural products which had been recorded following the fire of the Lubrizol plant in Rouen, Seine Maritime department, France. The ANSES assessment led to the publication of prefectural decrees repealing the consignment measures on these products in the departments concerned (process currently at work the Somme department). 


  • Restrictions on honey, eggs, farmed fish and vegetable production are now lifted; 
  • Agricultural raw materials in the territories where Tereos operates are again exploitable without restrictions; 
  • In this context of returning to normal, Tereos lifted the precautionary measures taken on the production of sugar, pulp and alcohol that it had chosen to record following the adoption of the orders. 

In constant connection with customers and its cooperative-associates farmers since the sanitary alert on 29 September, the teams of Tereos Sucre France are ready to resume a standard activity.