Open Days: nearly 3,000 participants!

Our French plants have invited their employees, cooperative associates, local elected officials, and the regional press to come and discover their know-how

From September 28, 2019 to January 11, 2020, Tereos’ six sugar factories, potato starch mill and dehydration site in France have opened their doors to the public on Saturdays.   

Strengthening our local presence and sharing Tereos’ know-how  

To showcase our plants’ activities, the teams from Tereos Sugar France and Tereos Starch & Sweeteners organized Open Days that are continuing in 2020. It is an opportunity for Tereos’ stakeholders to get together to learn more about the Group’s sugar and starch know-how and to discuss the positive impact of each site on its local territory in terms of employment and economic development.  

On the tour agenda:  

  • A guided tour to discover the plant and the main production stages, from receiving the raw materials to sending off the deliveries;  
  • Presentations from the management team: Jean-Charles Lefebvre, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Olivier Leducq, Head of Sugar Europe, Christopher Hervé, Head of Starch & Sweeteners Europe and Alexis Duval, Chief Executive Officer. An opportunity to discuss new agricultural challenges facing our sectors, in particular the sugar beet sector;  
  • A presentation on bioethanol and E85 box technology. Produced from sugar beets, cereals, and organic waste, this local and sustainable biofuel helps to reduce CO2 emissions and represents a natural and sustainable alternative solution to fossil fuels;   
  • An “ecosystem” workshop, in which a beekeeper from the region presented the benefits of alfalfa cultivation for their bees;  
  • Lastly, a Tereos quiz and the opportunity to taste pancakes made from potato starch and Beghin Say sugar to end the day.