“Protéines 3D” on January 14: a unique event at Campus Europe

Tereos and “Protéines France” organize a meeting and are inviting ideas for the sector

“Protéines France” looking to support expert companies’ insight  

The industry consortium gathers together companies such as Vivescia, Herta, Royal Canin and Lesaffre around one goal: to provide a catalyst for the development of plant proteins and new resources in order to make France a world leader in protein. In practical terms, it encourages its member companies to invest in industrial tools, promotes the development of start-ups, pushes public support for agricultural, industrial, and R&D projects, and provides communication support when innovative products are taken to market.  

At Tereos, we are all the more proud to be part of “Protéines France”, as Anne Wagner, the Group’s R&D Director, is the consortium chair!  

“Protéines 3D”: what’s the aim?  

“Protéines 3D” is the annual conference for “Protéines France” members: once a year, these members gather as part of their member companies. In 2020, it’s Tereos’ turn to welcome them. The date has been set for January 14 to (re)introduce the consortium, to forge new partnerships, and to help shape the priorities of “Protéines France” for the coming year.  

 Highlights of the day  

  • Find out about the activities of “Protéines France” and discuss the strategy surrounding plant proteins with government representatives.  
  • “Mini-run” workshops: you will be presented with several topics and invited to submit concrete action points and pitch them in front of the group. The topics include “innovation”, “taking products to market”, and “how to federate, develop, and represent”.  
  • Start-up pitches  
  • Networking: at lunch and at the end of the day