Tereos at FIE 2019 – Meet consumers trends and enlarge customers’ options

Tereos will be exhibiting at the FIE Paris 2019 on booth 6E70 on December 3-5 to showcase unique customers’ solutions which meet consumers trends and allow customers to enlarge their options.

Under the sustainability umbrella, Tereos will introduce the brand-new organic beet sugar (first production in France), the organic version of EpiWit (the matchless vegetable protein source for gourmet recipes) and the new starch-based Maldex 060s proposing an unmet stability in food & drinks products. All of it supported by its complete nutritional reformulation service “Sweet & You” enlarging customers’ options while meeting consumers demands.

Sustainability matters

At Tereos we believe that sustainability is not optional. The world’s raw materials are rare and precious, so we care for the entire value chain to ensure that we provide consumers with products which are good for them and good for the planet.

Tereos has been a leading player in the organic sugar for more than 15 years and goes now one step further with producing inhouse organic beet sugar in Attin sugar plant.  This organic beet sugar made in France (the first organic beet sugar production in France) is now available and suitable for a large range of applications. While the organic beet sugar is still in its infancy in Europe, Tereos is supporting this new ecosystem build-up, from farmers to consumers in order to meet the tremendous consumer demand in organics products.

At FIE Tereos will also officially launch the organic version of EpiWit the matchless vegetable protein source for gourmet recipes. As we all know global population is growing to meet near by 10 billion people by 2050 and there is a need to find some alternatives to animal proteins. In this respect the Tereos EpiWit vegetable protein source allows customers to propose an healthy and nutritional product made from renewable raw materials. EpiWit is a unique product in its own, from veggie pieces characteristics, to possible health claims it proposes: rich in proteins, source of fiber, low in saturated fat and low in salt. And last but not least, EpiWit is only made from five ingredients, fully meeting customers demand in clean, clear and short label. Definitely a unique and appealing solution for meat alternative producers!

Unique product range, enriched with the brand new Maldex 060S starch-based solution

While Tereos proposes one of the broadest sweetness range (extending from full to mid and zero calorie) in the market, customers can benefit from ingredient synergies with the rest of our product portfolio including starches, proteins and Actilight® soluble fiber. With support of our skilled specialists, Tereos will demonstrate at FIE how it is possible to achieve great formulation improvements with a range of prototypes scoring “A” under the Nutriscore criteria.

FIE 2019 will also be the opportunity of the official launch of Maldex 060s, a brand-new starch-based solution for food application. When customers fairly need for some demanding product stability, Tereos met the challenge and proposes now the unique, performing and stable Maldex 060s starch-based solution. Maldex 060s is available in powder and liquid version, making it even more attractive.


Sweet & You – The Tereos’ complete nutritional reformulation service

Consumers live in a fast changing and ultra-connected environment, influencing their needs and expectations. While great taste is a must, they ask for more from products they buy. Tereos is very aware of these consumers trends and developed unique customers’ solutions supported by its complete nutritional reformulation service “Sweet & You” to enlarge their options and meet these demands.

Sweet & You allows customers to nutritionally improve product formulation in a cost-effective and sustainable way. Supported by a dedicated team, Tereos delivers customers with tailor-made solutions made from plant-based ingredients, achieving great taste and on-time to ensure fast market entry.

Guillaume Planque, Marketing Director, and Eric Taillan, Head of R&D Applications at Tereos, will give a presentation at the “Supplier Solution Session Theatre (Booth 6P70)” on December 3rd at 1.55 PM. They will introduce how customers can benefit from Tereos’ unique product portfolio and

its R&D Application expertise to meet consumers’ needs and differentiate on the market.