Tereos awarded the Gold for its CSR performance

EcoVadis ranks the Group among the top 5% of companies assessed in 2019.

As one of Tereos’ fundamental commitments, sustainable development forms part of its employees’ everyday work and is something that they all strive to continually improve. In order to certify the responsibility of its operations and to meet the expectations of its clients, Tereos has opted to undergo EcoVadis sustainability assessments every year.

This year, the Group surpassed its previous Silver rating to achieve the Gold Standard with a score of 65 out of 100! This is a great reward for all the hard work that Tereos’ teams have put in.

How does it work?

EcoVadis is a independent platform that evaluates businesses’ performance with regard to responsible and sustainable development. Its methodology is based on 21 key criteria and four themes: the environment, fair labor and human rights, business ethics, and sustainable procurement. It builds on international sustainable development standards, in particular the Global Reporting Initiative and the United Nations Global Compact.

In 2018, Tereos focused its efforts on two key areas:

Sustainable procurement

Tereos owes its score in this category particularly to the commitment of its Purchasing service teams, who established a sustainable procurement policy in 2018. With this rolled out at Group level, Tereos will now be able to monitor its suppliers and their CSR performance.

Data centralization

In preparation for this assessment, the Group also sought to improve its data centralization processes. Teams from all the different Business Units have made a concerted effort in recent years to gather information. This allows the Group to better understand the overall picture and to compare and then identify points for improvement.

For more information on the Group’s sustainable development policy, read the Sustainable Development Report 2017-2018.