Tereos plays its role in World Food Day

Supporting a healthy, safe and sustainable diet 

October 16 is World Food Day! This event was launched 40 years ago by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and it aims to inform and educate the public about hunger, nutrition, food security, and all global issues related to food and agriculture. The theme for 2019 is “Healthy Diets for a #ZeroHunger World”.  

Tereos employees are getting involved   

For the fourth year in a row all Tereos sites are playing their part. We are launching a campaign aimed at “educating employees in the 18 countries in which we operate to adopt a healthy, nutritious and varied diet, and to fight hunger”, explains Xavier Huchet, Group CSR Manager. What does this involve? Educational tools are being used to promote a balanced diet and local initiatives are being added to the event: for example, special menus are being offered in some cafeterias and fruit baskets are being provided. “World Food Day is an event that allows employees to play a role in our sustainable development strategy. To this end, we work around three strong pillars: information, celebration, and engagement”, explains Baptiste Rougier, Employee Engagement Officer.

Nutrition at the heart of Tereos’ commitments 

A major player in the agrifood industry, Tereos has a product portfolio containing over 400 items and offers innovative solutions, such as:  

  • the Sweet & You offer, which helps its customers in nutritionally formulating their products; 
  • plant protein expertise: The Group offers its Epi&Co product range, 100% plant-based and made from wheat and chickpeas, as well as an organic version.