The Group has its cereals assessed by SAI Platform

Milestone in 2020! Tereos has finalized the assessment of its cereals.
Our goals: to bring value to our raw materials and support our customers in achieving their ambitions of sustainability

Committed to being a more sustainable agro-industrial player? In 2016, Tereos was already a pioneer in sugar production, by rolling out the SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) Platform assessment for sugar beets to its 12,000 cooperators. SAI Platform is an independent organization that regularly assesses the sustainability of our agricultural raw materials along three lines: environmental protection and economic and social management. At the end of 2020, Tereos completed its process: after one year of audit, its wheat and corn producers have their raw materials certified.

Sustainable cereals: a unique offering

While sustainability has been a well-established concept in sugar production for several years, the cereal market is gradually structuring itself around sustainability. By becoming one of the first agri-food players to have its wheat and corn audited, Tereos is taking the initiative to expand its offer, and to offer solutions to its customers seeking more responsible products that are more respectful of the planet. It also enables to bring added value to agricultural raw materials in connection with new outlets for these certified products.