The Singapore R&D center celebrates its first anniversary!

Tereos brings its innovative approach to the Asian market

Toward the end of 2018, Tereos opened its 5th Research and Development centerThe challenge for the Group, which has been operating in Asia since 2012, was to offer innovative and localized solutions to this rapidly expanding agri-food market with a promising future. The center is strategically located in Singapore, a key Asian hub for R&D centers, in particular thanks to a highly efficient research and training ecosystem.   

Today, the R&D center in Singapore has…  

  • A laboratory measuring almost 300m2   
  • A purpose-built demo kitchen for tests and demonstrations   

A first-year full of new projects  

Over the last year, the team of engineers has been developing applications for seven popular product categories in the Asian market: noodles, tea beverage, meat and confectionery, some twenty client support projects have already been developed at the center, including:   

  • Troubleshooting and improving process control of Hard-boiled candies for the customer PT Agelthanks to the on-site technique training and product quality and shelflife control supporting by scientific analysis;  
  • Optimizing the texture of instant noodles and cookies for the customer Ottogi and Mayora, thanks to our modified starch;  
  • At the same time, the team has been working on other sweeteners, including maltodextrines, which are very popular in Asia, and on new rice ingredients.  

Our commercial development in 2019 has proven the added value that R&D brings to the development of Tereos in the Asian market. Broadening our product portfolio has enabled us to expand our customer network,” explains Kenneth Wang, Asia application and CTS manager.   

2020: a year of consolidation   

The objective of the coming year will be to continue to support sales in the Region and strengthen the local presence.  In practical terms, the center will be participating in the launch of a high-fructose syrup produced in our Cilegon plant in Indonesia and marketed focus on SEA. This liquid sweetener will be used, in particular, as an ingredient in drinks.   

Finally, over 20-years collaboration with Meiji (Japanese agri-food business) will continue with the marketing of FOS – a prebiotic fibre for human and animal nutrition – with benefits for gut health, obesity and others in the geographical area. 

Our R&D center in Singapore aims to create new applications and market segments for our products, by developing nutritional formulations tailored to the tastes and eating habits of consumers in the region. Our team of engineers will be motivated by this goal in 2020.” Anne Wagner, R&D Director.