TSSI rewarded for its safety performance

Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Indonesia takes a step forward with the achievement of ISO 45001

In april, the subsidiary was audited for five days during by the firm LRQA, a certification organization specializing in sustainable management systems. This audit, conducted at the Cilegon plant, resulted in the Indonesian teams being awarded the ISO 45001 certification. This is the first international standard of its kind worldwide—it provides a framework for reducing risks and improving health and well-being at work. Obtaining it is a great milestone for the Group and the result of several months of hard work and improvements. One example of the procedures implemented is the HIRA (Hazard Identification Risk Assessment) process. This program, designed to assess and analyze risks and hazards, aims to reduce the number of accidents. It encourages all teams to identify and report hazards, assess risks, and make any changes to their day-to-day work to reduce exposure to these risks. Finally, safety information displays have been reinforced at all sites.

“This certification and its procurement process have made it possible to raise awareness of safety among all employees, while also building and maintaining customer confidence.”

Prio Utomo, Health, Safety and Environment Manager at TSSI