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In order to derive full value from the agricultural raw material, the factories extract other components, known collectively as ‘co-products’. These cover several types of use: animal feed, fertilizers, and the fermentation industries.


Animal feed

  • Dried and pressed pulps are the main co-products of beet sugar and are used primarily for cattle food;
  • Brewer's grain, a co-product of bioethanol production from cereals, is typified by its high protein content;
  • Gluten feeds, co-products rich in fiber, are produced from the starch milling of wheat and maize. 


Vinasse fertilizer is a co-product of alcohol production from sugar beets: potassium sulfate is separated from decrystallized vinasse by a process known as decrystallization. With its high potassium content, vinasse is approved for use in organic farming.

Another co-product of beet processing is scums: produced in the purification phase, pressed then compacted, these provide a high-calcium enriching agent.

Fermentation industries 

Low purity syrups are used mainly in Tereos distilleries for the production of traditional alcohols or bioethanol. They make an excellent fermentation feedstock for yeast production or the production of amino acids.