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Tereos produces and markets beet sugar and cane sugar in Europe and abroad for the food industry and the consumer.

Tereos distributes sugar for the public market through its long-standing and well-known local consumer brands: Béghin Say, La Perruche, Blonvilliers and Ligne Sucre & Stévia in France, Guarani in Brazil, TTD in the Czech Republic and Bourbon in Réunion.


Household sugars

Lump, powder, crystal and extra fine sugars: intended for household use, these products are marketed in various packaging formats to meet consumer needs in all markets.

Industrial crystallized sugars

Standard sugars cover crystallized sugars N°1 and N°2 for the food industry and high-filterability sugars for the beverage industry. Beet sugar specialist products include several grain sizes obtained by milling and sieving. Cane sugar specialist products meet the strong demand for refined white and brown sugars; they are sought after for the organoleptic properties associated with cane sugar.

Liquid and fondant sugars

The group provides food and pharmaceutical groups with a full range of syrups:

  • 'standard' liquid sugars and sucrose solution for pharmaceuticals; 
  • inverted sugar syrup produced by hydrolysis of sucrose;
  • sugar syrup and glucose syrup blends.


Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides are produced from beet sugar using 'soft' biotechnology. Recognized for their nutritional benefits, they help gut microflora play a key role in protecting the body.

Industrial facilities

In addition to its nine plants in Metropolitan France, Tereos has production units in Brazil, Czech Republic, Kenya, Mozambique, Romania, Reunion Island and Tanzania.
For further information on sugar please visit: www.lesucre.com