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Plant chemistry

Replacing fossil fuel products with bio-chemicals

Plant chemistry uses plants as a raw material. This makes it possible to replace fossil carbons with carbons of plant origin to produce bio-sourced materials.
A large number of chemical products can be produced using biomass, which is the biodegradable part of biological products, waste and residues. Plant chemistry can also help to reduce the chemical industry’s reliance on fossil resources and to replace highly toxic or pollutant products with more environmentally friendly ones.
Through our industrial infrastructure and our technological expertise in the biotechnology and chemical fields, we have become an essential partner in the development of plant chemistry, bio-plastics and sourcing.

Our aims:

  • To expand research into renewable chemistry
  • To increase the processing of agricultural raw materials
  • To develop new, economically viable bio-chemicals

Our research projects 

Biobutterfly: In the field of green chemistry, Tereos is committed, in partnership with Michelin, to the BioButterfly project. The objective is to develop bio-butadiene to replace traditional butadiene, an oil-based product used in tire manufacturing. Through this partnership, bio-butadiene will be produced using plant raw materials from sugar beet production.

P.I.V.E.R.T: Together with Sofiprotéol, we founded this center for research, innovation, experimentation and training in oleaginous biomass-based plant chemistry.