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The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is composed of 15 growers representing Tereos’ 12,000 cooperative growers. The Supervisory Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer and approves the strategy and major financial decisions proposed by the Executive Board. As such, it sets the price of sugar beet and the amount of net income to be distributed.

François Leroux is the Chairman of Tereos’ Supervisory Board

François Leroux is a grower from Ploisy near Soissons, a town in which he is also Mayor. He farms 100 ha of sugar beet and 50 ha of potatoes for Tereos. In addition, he grows firm-fleshed potatoes, peas and beans commercially and onions for dehydration. The remainder of his fields are for wheat and barley which are destined for the brewery. As a trainee administrator at the Vic-sur-Aisne sugar factory in 1987, he was involved in the merger with the Origny cooperative and was appointed director of the SDA cooperative from its inception in 1990. He has been a member of the Tereos Board since 1993.

Member of the Supervisory Board

  • François Leroux, Chairman of the Supervisory Board since March 5, 2018
  • Jean-Charles Lefebvre, Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Sugar Beet Committee
  • Pascal Foy, Chairman of the Potato Committee
  • Thierry Sergeant, Chairman of the Animal Nutrition Committee
  • Bertrand Magnien, Chairman of the Public Affairs Committee
  • Olivier Legrand, Chairman of the Sud de Paris (South Paris) regional council
  • Denis Lecart, Chairman of the Grand Est (Eastern) regional council
  • Laurent Caudron, Chairman of the Picardie Est (Picardy East) regional council
  • Rémi Baudel, grower (Yvrencheux)
  • Didier Beauvais, grower (Surfontaine)
  • Brice Bijot, grower (Marigny)
  • Rodolphe Couturier, grower (Merouville)
  • Christophe Dedours, grower (Mouriez)
  • Thierry Lecomte, grower (Nouvion-et-Catillon)
  • Benoît Philipon, grower (Saint Aubin)

 The organizational structure of the Tereos cooperative is based on the establishment of 4 specialized committees and 6 regions corresponding to the main production areas, together with the implementation of plants in order to address the specific challenges of each territory (Grand Est, Nord, Nord Littoral, Picardie Est, Picardie Ouest, Sud).

The specialized committees organize the in-depth study of problems specific to each production process and each industry: Sugar beet, Potatoes, Animal Nutrition (alfalfa and pulp) and Public Affairs.

The 12,000 cooperative growers that attend the General Meeting by region each year elect their regional councilors. The 176 councilors then elect the regional chairmen.